Bandra’s Jogger’s Park


Rita Rodricks
18th July, 2017

Jogger’s Park is situated at the beginning of Carter Road Promenade

It was conceptualized and developed by hockey coach Oliver Andrade

The park juts out into the Arabian Sea you can feel the cool breeze

Sit on a bench and enjoy the sunset surrounded by trees

It used to be a dumping ground but he turned it into a tourist attraction

With the financial assistance of some prominent builders it was built according to his satisfaction

At the entrance there is a plaque which reads “From Sir with Love”

Even though he is no more I am sure he is watching from above

There are three jogging tracks made of tiles, mud and concrete

You can choose to walk, run, stroll or just take a seat

The children’s play area has swings, slides and even a sand pit

Toddlers can safely run around without the fear of being hit

The Geese are cackling it looks like they have a lot to say

 While in the bird’s enclosure the birds are happy chirping away

I remember my son when he was little running after the guinea fowls they made his day

I would try to keep pace with him but it was a losing battle I must say

The pond is where you can see multi colored fish going around in circles

But to see the yellow ducklings swimming is what makes you believe in miracles

There is a large family of Rabbits who are always busy munching and hopping around

If you want a good view of the Rock garden you can climb the bridge which is above the pond

The park was an inspiration for a Bollywood movie with the same name

There are joggers who are movie and television stars who have found fame

When my children were young we used to visit the park every evening so they could play

Whether it was raining or sunny my friend Gevan and her little daughter Alison would be waiting without any delay!


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