Kevin‘s 24th Birthday

Rita Rodricks
25th July, 2017

 My Dear Kevin you are twenty–four years old today

Since the last couple of years you have come a very long way

You started your Career with apprehension and joined Ventes Avenues

Where you interned and learnt about digital marketing which was new

Making the move as a copy writer to ibs, a unified media company was a good decision

So was joining tonic media where you handled AXN and Sony where you created a good impression

Now you have settled and joined Chimpandz Media LLP where Tata Sky is your marketing responsibility

You have conducted workshops for your colleagues it has given you confidence and stability

I know you have been trying to complete writing your novel and creating your own comic book

It will all fall in place I have faith and confidence in your capabilities you just need time to take a look

So here is wishing you a very Happy Birthday from all of us

Have a wonderful and amazing day with all the fuss!



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