Bandra Gymkhana


Rita Rodricks
26th July, 2017

The Bandra Gymkhana is our place for social activity

Throughout the year it also celebrates all kinds of festivity

The tennis courts are always occupied with young and old, it is a mix

My son Kevin has been playing tennis since he was six

The snooker room is named after Michael Ferreira an ex billiards champion

 On the terrace is the swimming pool where you can dive in

There is a badminton court where you can practice with the shuttle

Or you can attend the yoga classes where the asanas are subtle

The Fitness centre is where my son works out whenever he can

When he is done he relaxes in the canteen with a juice under the fan

The inter school elocution is held every year with talent that is awesome

My son has participated when he was in school and has always won

The Library has a collection of old and new magazines, novels and books

It is my favorite place where you can either read or borrow after having a look

Every Wednesday and Friday evenings there is live music for dancing

On Sunday mornings there is Housie with cash prizes as they keep announcing

The annual Christmas Bazaar has always been a major attraction

It has stalls that sell everything from food and clothes to decorations

With live performances and carol singing it is the highlight of the year

It is definitely a meeting place as it brings people from far and near

The Children’s Christmas party has Santa giving out sweets and gifts

While the Christmas and New Year’s Dance has the adults in a twist

Sports Tournaments and Competitions are held in the Gym

With teams participating and vying for the trophy going for the win

There is a Bar where entry is only for Adults who want gin and lime

For fine dining there is a restaurant where the atmosphere is sublime

Cultural socials are held with traditional clothes, music and food

Weddings, Anniversaries, Reunions and Birthdays are also celebrated in a good mood

We have enjoyed many a pleasant occasion at the Bandra Gym

If ever you are in the vicinity make sure you drop in on a whim!




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