Uncle Peter – The Rebel

Rita Rodricks
22nd June, 2017

My father maintained a good relationship with his elder brother Walter and his only sister Josephine but he never spoke to his brother Peter. He had severed all ties with him since Peter had married outside the community his mother Rita had asked him to leave the house. Peter rented out a house right next to us but we never spoke to them even though they lived there for a few years before moving on elsewhere. We would see our cousins when we went to Juhu for our summer holidays especially on the beach in the evenings and for Sunday Mass but it was an unwritten rule that we did not attempt to speak to them neither would they. Peter had five sons and a daughter, all their names began with the letter ‘R’ maybe it was his way of remembering his mother who had disowned him. They had one son who was differentially-able and we too have one brother who is the same it’s probably a family gene. One of Peter’s sons, Rohit was adopted by his wife Helen’s sister who had no children. Rohit had never seen any of us since he lived with his aunt. When my sister Jackie was in college she had attended a party. There she met Rohit and she casually mentioned to him that he looked exactly like my brother Jervis; on probing further they realized that they were cousins. What a way to meet your relatives. Peter and Helen are both dead and are buried right next to my father.



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