Mumbai’s East Indians

  Like mother ; like daughter

Rita Rodricks
7th August, 2017

I belong to the East Indian Community

My native place is Mumbai City

The women drape a traditional sari called a lugra with a lace shawl

They adorn themselves with jewellery that will leave you enthrall

The men wear a large colorful handkerchief folded into a triangle called a kashti

Their favorite drink is Khimad which is a homemade brew with liquor, spices and tea

The language is Marathi where the dialect varies according to the region

Engagements, Weddings and Funerals follow a certain tradition

Our cuisine is an experience which will take you on a gastronomic trip

The singing, dancing and merry making at the festivities will surely make you flip

Aapas is flat bread made out of rice flour; it is also called hand-bread and can be used as a wrap

Fugias, Orias and Chittaps are also bread which is served at festive occasions which is apt

Khudi, Moile, Fritath and Lonvas made of chicken, duck, meat and fish are our favorite curries

We also like Indal, Sorpotel, Tamrial and Sambarin all pork dishes served at our parties

Our sweets are Lethri, Cordeal, Nankaties, Marzipan, Milk Cream, Boros, Thali sweet, Kulkuls and Neuries

On Christmas day our friends and neighbors look forward to receiving our plate of goodies

Ghumat is our traditional musical instrument which is a small earthen drum

It is played by using your hands on the skin, the beat of which is awesome

The Bottle Masala consisting of around thirty spice ingredients which is hand pounded is our specialty

Add a tablespoon of this spice powder to any dish and it will tickle your taste buds that’s a guarantee

Farming, Fishing, Carpentry and Barber used to be the main occupations depending on your caste

We all had our huge ancestral homes and fields which were sold off in the past

We still come together once a year to celebrate our community with traditional clothes, food, drinks, music and dancing

Awards and felicitations to members of the community are also part of celebrating!




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